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Comfort Keepers Introduces Light Housekeeping Services in Jackson and Brooklyn, MI

A home health aide helps maintain a safe, tidy living space for seniors

One of the first signs that a senior may benefit from home care is the reduced ability to maintain a clean and uncluttered home. In addition to making it difficult for a senior to find what they need in their household, a disorganized home can also increase the risk of falls and injuries. If a senior cannot maintain proper home hygiene, they could also be at a higher risk of hygiene-related health problems. This is why it is important for older adults to live in a clean, safe environment.

If your loved one needs help around the house, a qualified home health aide can provide light housekeeping whenever needed. This can improve your parent’s quality of life, as they will be living in a well-maintained and well-organized space.

As for the services, a home health aide can clean kitchens and bathrooms, mop and sweep floors and stairways, clean windows, vacuum the home, and more. A care provider can also provide assistance with organizing cupboards and wardrobe, as well as with removing clutter from the home and offering advice on senior proofing the house.

What is important to note is that our light housekeeping service is unique in that it strives to engage the senior as well. While the home health aide is working, they will make sure to talk to or otherwise interact with the seniors. Additionally, since our services are based on our Interactive Caregiving philosophy, our care experts encourage seniors to take an active role in the care services they receive.

For light housekeeping, this means that your parent can stay involved in home maintenance as much or little as they see fit. For example, your loved one can participate in organizing cupboards or polishing the silverware. They can also decide if they want to donate some of their old things to charity or simply throw them away. This way, your parent will feel in greater control of their household, increasing independence and confidence at the same time.

Naturally, if your loved one cannot or doesn’t want to participate in some tasks, the home health aide will perform the activities in accordance with your parent’s instructions. After the cleaning is done, your loved one and the care provider can sit down for a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy a nice conversation, which can also transform housekeeping into an enjoyable activity.

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