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Comfort Keepers in home care plans are the key to helping seniors stay safe and happy

At Comfort Keepers, we believe the key to helping seniors stay safe, happy, and healthy is a plan of care that is truly comprehensive – and that’s exactly where we start. Whether your loved ones in the Quincy community need help preparing meals or require mobility assistance, our highly trained caregivers – or Comfort Keepers® – work to accommodate their specific needs, all while promoting independence through our care services.

Some of the senior care services that we provide include:

  • In Home Care – Our custom care plans are designed around the unique needs of all of our clients and can include our wide range of in home care services. These services include assistance with grooming/hygiene, meal preparation, mobility assistance and much more. We also ensure that the client has a safe and healthy living environment while living in the comfort of their own home.
  • Interactive Caregiving – We provide the unique Comfort Keepers brand of caregiving that is known both locally and nationally. This allows our clients to be active and engaged in every step of their care.
  • Respite Care – We can also coordinate care with family caregivers. Whether we supplement the care they are providing to their loved ones or provide them with a short break to take time for themselves or to go out of town, we ensure that their loved one is receiving the care they need and provide them with peace of mind.
  • Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease Care – Comfort Keepers offers specialized services to clients suffering from symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and provide them with the assistance they may need.
  • End of Life Care – When a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it can be a difficult time for everyone involved. That is why we provide specialized care services to help families during this time.
  • Transitioning Home – We can help seniors and older adults with transitioning back home after surgery or a hospital stay. We can ensure a safe transition and prevent being readmitted to the hospital.  
  • 24 Hour Home Care – With 24 hour in home care your loved one can enjoy greater freedom on a day-to-day basis and experience a number of health benefits.

In addition to our in home care services, we want to help seniors stay active and involved in all their favorite pastimes, hobbies, or daily routines. That’s why our Comfort Keepers provide safe, dependable transportation to and from locations in Quincy. If your loved ones wish to spend the afternoon browsing Olde Village Antiques or if they’d like to grab a delicious lunch at the Quincy Diner, we can help them do so and make sure they have company every step of the way. We can also accompany them to any scheduled medical or dental appointments or to the grocery store to pick up produce for the week.

If your loved ones need a helping hand, either at home or out in the Quincy community, Comfort Keepers is ready to help. Please call us today at (517) 481-2177  to learn more about how our senior care services can help those you love.


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